Tutorial: Using Bookmarks in the Gene Inspector Notebook

Bookmarks can be attached to selected objects and used to remember specific locations in a GI notebook. Bookmarks are automatically added to the Notebook menu. Selecting a bookmark from the menu takes you to the location of that bookmark in the notebook.

  1. Open the GI Notebook called “Sample Notebook”, which should be in your Gene Inspector® folder. Select the title object in the notebook – it is the box that says “A Sample Gene Inspector Notebook” at the very beginning of the notebook. Select Notebook Bookmarks Attach Bookmark…. Name the bookmark “Start of Notebook”.
  2. Select Notebook Bookmarks End of Notebook. This bookmark has already been added to the notebook and is accessible from the Bookmarks menu. Selecting the item will take you to the end of the notebook and bring a rectangle into view that is the actual object to which the “End of Notebook” bookmark is attached.
  3. Try selecting the Start of Notebook and End of Notebook menu items (in the Bookmarks submenu). You can use bookmarks in this way to remember the location of specific analyses that might be key to your experiments.
  4. Specific locations in the notebook can be defined as bookmarks by placing a small graphical object into the notebook at the desired location and attaching the bookmark to that object, as was done in Tutorial 1: Tour of a Gene Inspector Notebook.

This concludes this tutorial. You may quit or continue on to the next tutorial. If you choose to continue, close all open windows now.

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