Tutorial: Go to Position

1. Start GCK.
2. Open the file called pBR322 in the Tutorial Files folder by choosing File > Open…
3. Switch to sequence display by choosing Construct > Display > Display Sequence
4. Choose Construct > Go to Position… . This will bring up Figure 2.89.

Figure 2.88:  Go to Position Dialog

Figure 2.89: Go to Position Dialog

5. Enter the range of nucleotides as shown: “86-1276” [NOTE: this range represents the sample region corresponding to the tetracycline resistance gene]. You can also go to a specific single position (not a range).

6. Press Go to .
7. The program should have highlighted the range of nucleotides as in Figure 2.90.

Figure 2.89:  Selected segment in pBR322

Figure 2.90: Selected segment in pBR322

8. You can now format the highlighted segment (change color, font, size, style, etc.) or make a protein region to represent the tetracycline resistance gene by selecting the menu option Construct > Features > Make Region… and entering the details of the selected region.The Go to Position feature enables users to quickly jump to specific sequence positions or sequence ranges that represent known features in a sequence file. You can also enter a range of nucleotides that span the origin of circular constructs (e.g. 4181-56) which will then be subsequently highlighted.

This concludes the tutorial. Close the pBR322 file, but do not save any changes you may have made so that others may work with this sample file in the future.

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