gene construction kit

The Gene Construction Kit® (GCK) program has been the preferred plasmid mapping software of leading researchers for more than 20 years. GCK allows easy manipulation of DNA sequences, either graphically or as sequence text - quickly saving users both time and money. GCK eliminates tedious examination of DNA sequence data by automatically identifying open reading frames (ORF's), keeping track of sticky ends during cutting and pasting of restriction enzyme digestion fragments, assisting with PCR primer design, and enabling comprehensive annotation of DNA sequence features. This DNA analysis software allows multiple files to be opened and displayed simultaneously, allowing DNA sequences to easily be copied and pasted between plasmids and vectors to represent real-world DNA cloning protocols. The Gene Construction Kit software is available for both Windows and Macintosh users, and files can be shared across platforms allowing for easy collaboration. The interface and set of functions in GCK will significantly enhance laboratory productivity and minimize experimental design errors - saving users both time and money.

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