customizable dna and protein analysis

Gene Inspector features a standard interface for setting up and running any of the more than 40 built-in DNA and protein analyses. This straight-forward interface allows users to spend more time analyzing results rather than deciphering the software manual. Analyses are first chosen from a scrollable list. As an item in the list is selected, "help" information appears next to the selected analysis describing that analysis.

Customizable DNA Protein Analysis

Once an analysis is chosen, the user is presented with an Analysis Setup Panel where the parameters for the analysis will be defined. In the screen shot below, the "Codon Preference" analysis icon is selected on the left and the rest of the window on the right shows information about and parameters for that specific analysis - including help text describing individual parameter settings and suggested options. Other icons in this Analysis Setup show an input icon to define which sequences are to be analyzed, and an output location icon, to define the notebook into which the results of the analysis will be placed.

Customizable DNA Protein Analysis

Every analysis included with Gene Inspector is setup and run using these same three steps - (1) define the analysis and parameters; (2) choose the sequence(s); and (3) select the output location. This consistent setup allows users to focus on the results rather than learning the intricacies of each and every analysis offered in the program.

analysis suites

By changing the parameters used to run an analysis it is possible to get very different results. Thus, different researchers in the same lab might get results that cannot be compared realistically - and they might not even realize the problem. Gene Inspector offers a unique feature to combat this problem - defining and saving "Analysis Suites".

GI allows users to add as many analyses to an Analysis Setup as they choose to run - thus defining an entire 'suite' of analyses with all associated parameters. Once an Analysis Setup has been defined, it can be saved and added to the Analysis menu - so that it can be used in the future on different sequences. To recall it, just select it by name from the menu. This unique feature allows a researcher to setup the analyses for an entire lab - then any user in a group can choose the suite from a menu and perform analyses on new sequences and obtain directly comparable results. Gene Inspector's analysis suites can provide a consistency never before available - making for more meaningful sequence analysis and consistent results from different users.