Gene Construction Kit - "I am normally too busy to send positive feedback, but this time around a product exceeded my expectations by so much that I would like to share my comments. The graphics and graphic control in GCK are very easy to work with and provide all the options I can think of for graphical display of a DNA molecule. I love the ability to store customized restriction enzyme lists. I was VERY pleasantly surprised to find that now the import [from Vector NTI] can be done in a snap with all annotations preserved. Tutorials are very helpful and user friendly. And technical support has been very helpful and responsive."

S.K.Weill Cornell Medical College

Gene Construction Kit - "GCK has saved me a lot of time and energy by helping me to plan the best cloning strategies the first time around!"

J.R.Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Gene Construction Kit - "I liked the program very much and I found it easy to use. There are many features included, for example, the possibility to run gels on the computer (a big help to explain to technicians), draw detailed plasmid maps and so many more. I am still discovering new features. It is certainly my preferred computer program for molecular biology.

P.K.University of Freiburg

Gene Construction Kit - "In my opinion the annotated sequence of a plasmid is far more useful and important than simply the plasmid map. And I'm not aware of any other plasmid map program that has the extensive and flexible annotation capabilities of Gene Construction Kit. For my work in designing proteins and plasmids, GCK is an essential tool."

D.A.VLST Corporation

Gene Inspector - I resisted for several years, but I shouldn't have. Gene Inspector was a big hit in the lab the first day we loaded it. As always, the beauty of your software is that it works on the computer the we way we do at the lab bench. This would be a fantastic tool for teaching as well!

T.H.Yale Medical School

Gene Construction Kit - "GCK is the most user-friendly software for routine plasmid cloning."

L.H.University of Freiburg

Gene Construction Kit - "... I have been looking at other programs over the years but never one of them came near to GCK! Everybody around me loves it..."

J-C. I.Centre Medical Universitaire, Switzerland

Gene Construction Kit - "... Gene Construction Kit is an essential tool for the molecular biologist. I plan all of my cloning projects with it."

K.F.USDA/UC Berkeley Plant Gene Expression Center

Gene Construction Kit - "Our molecular biologists have relied upon Gene Construction Kit for more than a decade. The ease of use, the key features, and Textco's world-class support have created a level of devotion to a software package rarely seen among scientists. Highly recommended!"

J.C.Bayer Pharmaceutical Corporation

Gene Construction Kit -"Thanks! Great service, great program!"

M.R.Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Gene Construction Kit - "... GCK has tremendous capabilities, but many of these are not obvious upon first use.... The nice touches like "seeing" graphics of DNA restriction digestions on gels as well as tables of the various digestion products is a very nice teaching tool when used in conjunction with a wet lab!...I am always surprised to find that [GCK] does things that I had not even thought of for GCK is outstanding. I have received updates, FREE of CHARGE, to the original program that I purchased. In addition, whenever I had a problem or question, the answers were forthcoming very quickly, by phone and by Email. I believe that customer service and support is as important as a good program.... GCK is a great program with great customer support! In fact, from a customer satisfaction point of view, GCK is the best software purchase I have ever made."

E.C.Queen's University, Canada

Gene Inspector - "It really is a wonderful package. In our lab, even the person who has been using GCG for years has decided to switch to Gene Inspector."

D.Z.UC Berkeley

Gene Construction Kit - "Couldn't clone without it! Worth its weight in gold!"

D.S.The Jackson Laboratory

My favorite demo for the unbeliever is to assemble a multi-step plasmid from multiple source vectors or fragments... all without ever looking at the base sequence. (Of course, I can easily inspect and annotate the actual base sequence at any time). One can do complex sequence analyses/queries such as finding ORFs, fingering candidate restriction sites of given frequency and/or location, or identifying silent mutation candidates in ORFs for adding/removing new sites... GCK does it all under one roof. A must-have for new users and veterans alike."

J.D.University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Gene Construction Kit - "Fantastic Software. It makes life much easier"

J.L.Univ. of Edinburgh

Gene Inspector - "Gene Inspector employs what I believe is the new paradigm in molecular biology computing -- Analysis Suites. The Notebook is extremely useful for data presentation, and for storing, and organizing, results. The Gene Inspector is a very robust, well thought out software package that is designed to make molecular biologists' bioinformatics tasks easier... If you are looking to buy a new full-featured sequence analysis package, I heartily recommend inspecting the Gene Inspector."

"Pretty Plasmids" - REVIEW, Shanks, O.C., Bissonette, L., and Ream, W., Science 289:413aBiotechnology Software and Internet Journal Review

Gene Construction Kit - "Don't know how I'd manage without it."

D.S.University of Oxford

Gene Construction Kit - "I am a convinced GCK user... I guess GCK is not perfect, since nothing is ever perfect, but I will have to think a bit to find what could be improved."

P.P.Universite de Nice

Gene Construction Kit - "GCK is Awesome"

P.S.Yale University, Pathology

Gene Construction Kit - "GCK is the only product available which perfectly suits the gene engineers need for a unified cloning analysis and documentation software. This program is especially valuable for all people who have to organize lots of related plasmid constructs, plasmid families etc. In particular, the feature to connect unlimited text information to any piece of the sequence really facilitates every step from planning of new constructs to the paper preparation. GCK makes it easy to follow the history of every single nucleotide of the construct, since you may add e.g. the original reference, where you got it from, mutations etc. directly in the sequence, one click away."

S.D.University of Heidelberg

Gene Inspector - "The strengths of this program are its ease of use, the functionality of its features, and its unique ability to organize data in ways that are not possible with other programs. Gene Inspector is an excellent program, not only for the sequence analyses that it can perform, but for the working environment that it provides. The program combines many features found in drawing programs, database programs, word processors, and Web browsers to make it a powerful way to work with and present sequence data and analysis output. Managing scans of gel images, raw data, and sequence analysis output are elegantly handled... The ability to 'hotlink' one's sequence to a set of chosen analysis routines so that all of your output is constantly updated is a great time-saver... Analysis suites are extremely useful for academic labs, where the turnover of researchers may be high and new lab workers may be relatively inexperienced... Gene Inspector is an exceptional program for maintaining an organized compilation of sequence analysis in an electronic notebook format. The ability to have a working environment contained within a single program that allows you to not only do your analyses, but to annotate, construct a formal report, and design slides and posters make this program an asset to anyone faced with the common challenges that arise when working with sequence data."

E.M.Q.Indiana University

Gene Construction Kit - File Search feature - "... That single feature has lifted us from the darkness of dreary searches through freezers and notebooks to a new realm of organized experimentation. Now we have all of our constructs and primers on a server that we can search and it has been a tremendous help. THANK YOU!"

T.H.Montana State University

Gene Construction Kit - "...this is the best genetic manipulation tool I have ever had the opportunity to work with. It seems to have something for everybody that improved it over the original. I especially like the ORF finder and the ability to selectively find R.E. sites. Somebody else uses the silent mutation feature all the time. You and the people that you work with should be very proud of the new version. I can't think of another piece of software that I use as much or as completely as GCK... I didn't think that you'd be able to do much to improve [GCK] but you did one hell of a job. It always was the best plasmid program on the market and now its even better."

K.S.University of Calgary

Gene Construction Kit - "GCK is the software I have been looking for. It is simple and powerful, and easy to use."

T.S.Kyoto Prefectural University

Gene Construction Kit - "It's encouraging to see such a great product... The ease of use of your application combined with its powerful capabilities makes it a must for the desktop."

J.M.Genetics Institute

Gene Construction Kit - "In my opinion, GCK is the best plasmid drawing program available. The changes that I had wished for such as one aa display, frame boxing, etc. are all included. GCK is a great program that will be useful for anyone who needs to illustrate their constructs as well as for publication quality illustrations."

M.L.FermaLogic, Inc.

Gene Construction Kit - "I have always felt that the first version of Gene Construction Kit was the best piece of software on the market and without a doubt the best scientific software ever designed. Now GCK takes that to the next level by being even better.... I have also found Textco the company to be one of the best software companies when it comes to deal with them over support."

L.V.Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham

Gene Construction Kit - "As much as the first release was a fantastic cloning and documentation tool, GCK now takes it one step further. There is no other tool that accomplishes these tasks with such a clean interface. The new features further enhance GCK's utility as the premier tool for desktop cloning."

W.H.Computational Scientist

Gene Construction Kit - "GCK is fantastic, best DNA program I have ever used. It's user-friendly, has a ton of useful features, and most important it saved me hours of tedious inefficient manual DNA sequence work."

T.R.University of Vermont