Gene Inspector® Compatibility Expands to Windows Users

Gene Inspector® Compatibility Expands to Windows users
An innovative sequence analysis package integrated into an electronic research notebook

West Lebanon, NH 3|06|07
Textco BioSoftware announced the release of the Windows version of their popular software application, Gene Inspector® (GI). Previously available for Macintosh only, Gene Inspector, has has been enthusiastically reviewed in journals and by researchers who have been using this unique product.

This release expands Gene Inspector’s accessibility to researchers working under the Windows operating system, and will be compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista. GI files created on either platform (Mac or Win), can be opened by Gene Inspector 1.6 on the opposite platform – facilitating its use in labs that use both operating systems, and between colleagues using different platforms.

Gene Inspector offers users a unique combination of a versatile electronic laboratory notebook and a comprehensive sequence analysis product. By combining DNA and protein analyses with a powerful notebook, Gene Inspector provides the unique ability to keep research notes and analysis outputs in a single location. Textco BioSoftware’s President Robert H. Gross, Ph.D., designer of the original Gene Inspector application for use in his own laboratory, had this to say about the new product: “With the expansion of Gene Inspector to the Windows platform we are pleased to now offer this productivity tool to all researchers for use in their DNA and protein studies, regardless of their operating system choice.”

The ground-breaking design of Gene Inspector allows biologists to follow their thought processes as they analyze sequences and take notes on their computer. The interactive analyses allow scientists to pursue unique investigative paths by using one analysis result to launch a new analysis. “Bookmarks” within the notebook permit easy navigation through large projects, and you can use “appendices” to store information such as buffer recipes and assays. In addition, the notebook has inventive features like the ability to “hot link” your sequences to analysis results.

Gene Inspector for Windows includes all the features offered in the original version, reviewed in Science as “providing a friendly environment for elegantly handling the mounds of information typically gathered during sequence analysis …. making it a powerful tool for organizing day-to-day progress.” [Science 287:1224 (2000)].

A demo version of Gene Inspector is available for download from Textco BioSoftware’s website.

About Textco BioSoftware
Textco BioSoftware, Inc. (formerly Textco, Inc.), located in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, has been serving the software needs of molecular biologists for 23 years – since 1984. Textco’s mission is to provide high quality, intuitive software to assist molecular biologists in their research efforts. Textco has provided its solutions to scientists residing in more than 50 countries worldwide, engaged in genetic engineering research, drug development, and biotechnology.

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