Textco BioSoftware Celebrates 25 Years

Textco BioSoftware Celebrates 25 Years
Providing quality molecular biology sofware since 1984

West Lebanon, NH 01|27|09

For a full quarter century, Textco has developed high quality software productivity tools for molecular biology researchers. Founded twenty-five years ago by Dr. Robert Gross and Ms. Roberta Brucks Gross, Textco was one of the first companies in the world to provide a desktop scientific software solution for molecular biologists. Released in 1984, the DNA Inspector™ application became an indispensable new type of tool for DNA analysis, and was an often-cited software program in scientific publications in the 1980’s.

The ground-breaking Gene Construction Kit® was introduced in 1989, allowing researchers for the first time to be able to create circular and linear graphical plasmid maps that represented real DNA sequence data. Gene Construction Kit quickly became the ‘premier desktop cloning package’ and still impresses users with its ease of use, intuitive interface, and flexible display options.

In 1996 the company introduced the Gene Inspector® a new type of DNA and protein sequence analysis application, which was built around an electronic research notebook. The award-winning Gene Inspector® set a new paradigm for sequence analysis software – allowing experimental notes and analysis results to reside in a single location – and was praised by reviewers from journals such as Science, The Scientist, and MacWorld.

In 1998, Dr. Gross received the first Career Achievement Award given by the Biotechnology Software & Internet Journal for “outstanding achievements in design, programming, and advancements in scientific software.” In 2002, at the inaugural BioIT World Conference and Expo in Boston, MA, Dr. Gross was a featured speaker, delivering a presentation entitled “Designing Scientific Software to be Usable by Scientists.”

Over the last ten years the company has released numerous enhancements to their flagship products. Most recently, in 2008, a new version of Gene Construction Kit was introduced featuring three brand new modules for identifying PCR primers, performing automated shotgun cloning reactions, and searching online biological database sites.

In celebration of their 25 years of service to the molecular biology community, Textco BioSoftware is pleased to announce it will be extending limited-time ‘anniversary gift’ offers to customers throughout the year. Keep and eye out for these offers and celebrate with Textco BioSoftware.

Contact Brant Hackett at Textco BioSoftware for more information. Free demo versions of Gene Construction Kit 3.0 and Gene Inspector 1.6 are available for download from Textco BioSoftware’s website.

About Textco BioSoftware
Textco BioSoftware, Inc. (formerly Textco, Inc.), located in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, has been serving the software needs of molecular biologists for 25 years – since 1984. Textco’s mission is to provide high quality, intuitive software to assist molecular biologists in their research efforts. During the last quarter century, Textco BioSoftware has provided its software solutions to scientists in more than 50 countries worldwide. These researchers are breaking new ground in genetic engineering research, drug development, and biotechnology at academic, government and corporate sites.

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