Top Executives from Textco BioSoftware and Ascentage Group Convene in Concord, NH

Top Executives from Textco BioSoftware and Ascentage Group Convene in Concord, NH
Summit Focuses on Product Development and Expansion

West Lebanon, NH 03|25|09
Chief executives from Textco BioSoftware met in Concord, New Hampshire this week for a multi-day summit aimed at streamlining the product development cycle and mapping future growth for the company. The team convened at the headquarters of Textco’s business advisors, the Ascentage Group, a technology-focused business development and advisory firm.

Dr. Robert Gross, president and founder of Textco BioSoftware led the primary scientific discussions, while Drew Ogden and Ted Chumas of the Ascentage Group provided invaluable input regarding company expansion, development direction and implementation. Other key personnel from Textco BioSoftware including the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, the Director of Operations, and Textco BioSoftware’s Lead Software Engineer all contributed to a productive summit.

Dr. Gross commented on the summit: “Several goals, milestones and targets have been put in place that will help drive the growth of Textco BioSoftware and our product pipeline in the coming years. We look forward to working with the Ascentage Group to enhance our business to business relationships, drive new marketing approaches, and streamline our development cycle. Textco BioSoftware is well positioned to continue its commitment to advancing scientific research in 2010 and beyond.”

About Ascentage
Ascentage is a technology-focused business development and M&A advisory firm that provides companies on-going systematic guidance for management decisions and business creativity. The Members of Ascentage act as an extension of the management teams of our clients by actively participating with those companies in a role similar to a company executive. We have expertise in specialized technology fields including Internet applications, office automation, bioinformatics, mobile software, computer-aided design (CAD), geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping, and strategic asset management.

About Textco BioSoftware
Textco BioSoftware, Inc. (formerly Textco, Inc.), located in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, has been serving the software needs of molecular biologists for 25 years – since 1984. Textco’s mission is to provide high quality, intuitive software to assist molecular biologists in their research efforts. During the last quarter century, Textco BioSoftware has provided its software solutions to scientists in more than 50 countries worldwide. These researchers are breaking new ground in genetic engineering research, drug development, and biotechnology at academic, government and corporate sites.

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