Tutorial: Using Predefined Analysis Suites

This tutorial will teach you how to use predefined analysis suites in Gene Inspector.

  1. We have provided you with several predefined suites of analyses in the Gene Inspector. These suites provide an easy way to setup a number of common analyses. The predefined suites can be modified or discarded and are meant to serve as an example of how analysis setups can be used.
  2. Choose Analysis Hydropathy Analyses. This analysis suite contains 10 different hydropathy analyses, one using each of the available tables in the popup menu. To use this suite select the input sequence panel and choose the peptide sequence you want to analyze.
  3. After choosing the sequence to be analyzed, press the Run button.
  4. A new notebook will be created and your analyses will be started. While the analyses are running choose Analysis Show Analysis Monitor . This shows you all the analyses that are scheduled to be run and the order in which they will be run. As each one is completed it is removed from the list and the next one in line starts up.
  5. To see that all of the analyses really did run, choose Notebook Reduction Reduce to Fit in Window. This will shrink the “magnification” of the image so that the entire notebook will fit on the screen.
  6. Choose Notebook Notebook Layout… and set the display to be side by side.
  7. While still in reduced mode, move the different analysis output objects to fit on the notebook sheets the way you want them to.
  8. Now choose Notebook Reduction Enlarge To Full Size so that you can view the graphic results.

This concludes this tutorial. You may quit or continue on to the next tutorial. If you choose to continue, close all open windows now.

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