Gene Inspector® version 2.0 Now Shipping

West Lebanon, NH 05|01|2012

Textco BioSoftware today announced the release of Gene Inspector® version 2.0. Gene Inspector (GI) offers users a unique combination of a comprehensive sequence analysis product integrated within a versatile electronic laboratory e-notebook. By combining DNA and protein analyses with a powerful notebook, Gene Inspector provides the ability to integrate research notes and analysis outputs.

The new Gene Inspector version 2.0 features updated analysis routines for faster processing, offers support for the latest operating systems for both Mac and Windows, and researchers will notice smoother font and analysis displays producing crisper notebook entries.

The unique design of Gene Inspector has won praise from researchers because it stands alone in allowing biologists to create “suites of analyses” and assign each with a name. This unique feature allows a researcher to setup the analyses for an entire lab – then any user in a group can choose the suite from a menu and perform analyses on new sequences to obtain directly comparable results. Gene Inspector’s analysis suites can provide a consistency never before available – making for more meaningful sequence analysis and consistent results from different users.

Interactive analyses allow scientists to pursue unique investigative paths by using one analysis result to launch a new analysis. In addition, the notebook has inventive features like the ability to “hot link” your sequences to analysis results to keep results updated should sequence change. “Bookmarks” within the notebook permit easy navigation through large projects, and you can use “appendices” to store information such as buffer recipes and assays. Gene Inspector allows biologists to follow their thought processes as they analyze sequences and take notes.

The feature set of Gene inspector®, complements the features offered in Gene Construction Kit® – the Premier Plasmid Mapping Software – also developed by Textco BioSoftware.

Gene Inspector 2.0 compatibility:
* Mac OS 10.5 and higher (including Lion and Snow Leopard)
* Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP

To mark the release of GI 2.0, special Introductory Discount Pricing is being offered – both for upgrades for current users, and for new licenses for labs looking to add the efficiencies offered by Gene Inspector.

A free demo version of Gene Inspector 2.0 is available for download.

Contact for Sales/Marketing:

Brant Hackett; 480-241-9121

Roberta Brucks Gross; 603-643-1471

About Textco BioSoftware

Textco BioSoftware (formerly Textco, Inc.), has been developing high quality productivity tools for molecular biologists for over 25 years. Our unwavering commitment to customer service, and our focus on quality has generated a loyal customer following. Since 1984, we have provided solutions to scientists who are breaking new ground in genetic engineering, basic biology research, drug development, and biotechnology – at academic, government, and corporate institutions in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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