Gene Construction Kit® 4.0 Beta Announced…

West Lebanon, NH  08|21|2012

Textco BioSoftware today announced the commencement of public beta testing for Gene Construction Kit® version 4.0 (GCK 4.0) for both Mac and Windows. This new version of GCK features many unique enhancements, all designed to make analyzing, formatting, and annotating GCK constructs more efficient.

One time-saving enhancement is a new Autofeature File that allows users to store common DNA sequences (genes, promoters, enhancers, etc.), along with their preferred graphic formatting (font, color, size, line type). Using the ‘Autofeature File’ as a reference, one can now have GCK 4.0 find and format sequence matches in new constructs automatically. Users can even save multiple Autofeature Files on their system to represent the different sequence features that may be important in various projects or organisms.

Another new feature of 4.0 includes the ability to Copy and Paste Graphic Styles both within individual and between multiple GCK construct documents.

A new Find Sequence routine has been implemented that allows for searching with mismatches and for defining the allowed position for those mismatches. The new Find Sequence also allows for much larger search strings.

The new Go to Position function becomes a useful tool for annotating known features, by allowing the ability to quickly jump to a single base position – or specify a range of DNA – which will then become highlighted.

GCK 4.0 also adds support for exporting GCK construct documents as GenBank formatted text files to allow for easier interactions with other programs.

Molecular biology researchers are encouraged to participate in the open beta-test for GCK 4.0 by signing up here.

The new version of GCK 4.0 is supported under Mac OS 10.5 and higher (including Lion & Mountain Lion); as well as Windows 7, Vista & XP.

Contact for Sales/Marketing:

Brant Hackett; 480-241-9121

Roberta Brucks Gross; 603-643-1471

About Textco BioSoftware

Textco BioSoftware (formerly Textco, Inc.), has been developing high quality productivity tools for molecular biologists for over 25 years. Our unwavering commitment to customer service, and our focus on quality has generated a loyal customer following. Since 1984, we have provided solutions to scientists who are breaking new ground in genetic engineering, basic biology research, drug development, and biotechnology – at academic, government, and corporate institutions in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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  1. Jack Wang
    Posted August 21, 2012 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

    A very useful software.

  2. Karsten Liere
    Posted October 15, 2012 at 4:07 am | Permalink


    just saw this one today – hope it is not to late to participate.



  3. Posted October 15, 2012 at 6:52 am | Permalink

    Hi Dr. Liere –

    The GCK 4.0 Beta has concluded – BUT … you can download the latest demo version of GCK 4.0 to try it out! We will also be running special “Introductory Prices” for upgrading your licenses to the newest version – keep an eye out this week for the promotional emails!

    – Brant

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