GCK / GI not supported under Mac OS 10.15 – Catalina; nor Mac OS 11 – Big Sur

We regret to inform our long-time users that Gene Construction Kit and Gene Inspector will cease to be supported under the Catalina (Mac OS 10.15) and/or Big Sur (Mac OS 11.x) operating system upgrades.

Unfortunately, we do not have plans to migrate GCK or GI up to 64-bit, which is required for compatibility with Mac OS 10.15 and higher. The programs will remain at releases GCK 4.5.x, and GI 2.0.x, at 32-bit.

The option to keep running GCK or GI under the newer environments, is to use an application such as Parallels Desktop, to setup a ‘virtual’ environment for a supported OS (up through 10.14). With the Parallels Desktop app, you can continue to run GCK or GI on your main computer simultaneously within a separate virtual window.

Alternatively, you are free to re-install the applications on another computer running a compatible version of Mac OS.

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