Your download will begin automatically. Below are the instructions on how to use this update:

  1. Save and close all open GCK files and quit the GCK application.
  2. If you saved any personal files into the main GCK program folder (C:\Program Files\Textco Biosoftware, Inc.\Gene Construction Kit\), move them to another location on your hard drive - or make copies before continuing to step 3.
  3. Click on the link to download the new Gene Construction Kit 4.5 installer.
  4. Choose to 'Save' rather than 'Open' or 'Run'
  5. Save the zip file to a location you will remember (i.e. your Desktop).
  6. Move to the location you saved the zip file above - then right-mouse click on the file and choose 'Extract All' or 'Extract Here' to unzip the contents.
  7. A folder called 'GCK45-installer' will be created.
  8. Double-click on the file titled 'Setup.exe' within this folder, to launch the installer. Choose 'Yes' or 'OK' at the prompts to install in the 'Programs' directory of your primary hard drive.
  9. Launch the updated GCK program and verify the version by selecting 'About Gene Construction Kit' from the 'Help' menu.