Your download will begin automatically. Below are the instructions on how to use this update:

  1. Save and close all open GI files and quit the GI application.
  2. Click on the link to download the new Gene Inspector 2.0 'dmg' file.
  3. If not mounted automatically, double-click on the downloaded file to mount the disc image.
  4. Within the mounted disc image, drag the "GI 2.0" folder icon onto the "Applications" shortcut icon to copy the entire set of files into your hard disc. Note: if you placed any of your own files in the corresponding folders on your hard disk, make copies of them before replacing them.
  5. Choose 'Replace all' when prompted with the "an item named ... already exists in this location" warning message to overwrite your current files with these updated ones.
  6. Launch the updated GI program and verify the version by selecting 'About Gene Inspector' from the Gene Inspector menu.