Gene Inspector 2.0 Beta Test Application Form

Welcome to our new beta test program for Gene Inspector 2.0. Please provide the information requested below so that we can accurately record your feedback. Thank you. All the information you are providing is for Textco BioSoftware's internal use only. We will never provide this information to anyone outside Textco BioSoftware without your permission.

You will receive an email at the email address you enter with instructions for downloading the current beta software.

Beta Test Warning: Since this beta version has not been thoroughly tested on all platforms, there will be bugs and we may find it necessary to make changes in file formats and other parts of the program before we release the final version. Please do not use this beta version with data that is critical to you unless you have backups and are willing to lose that data. Remember, this is not a released product!

About the beta-testing procedure:
* Try everything you can think of in the program (type letters instead of numbers, use menus in unexpected ways, etc.)
* If something doesn’t work properly, please try to reproduce the exact steps needed to reproduce the problem. Specific steps will help us to reproduce and fix the bug you have identified.
* If you find the interface confusing, try to explain why (if you have a suggestion for improvement, please let us know).
* Check the output for accuracy. Are the results of analyses correct?
* We are also interested in hearing what features you like.
* Thank you for your feedback. It will help make the released version a more solid product.

Please provide the following contact information:

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Email address:

Please provide the following information about your computing system:

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